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appraisal-ex-from-antique-toysGet your toy appraised here!  We love the appraisal research and enjoy helping family members, estates, insurance companies, and collectors themselves.

Antique Toys can appraise your toy based on experience; backed by  hundreds of catalogs, hundreds of auction books, thousands of results records, and our extensive network.  We can lean on catalogs from the makers themselves, as well as out of print resources that are priceless and out of print.  The Appraisal library at AntiqueToys is one of our favorite treasures.

We are more than happy to do a free appraisal to get things started.  If you are satisfied, we can then discuss a fair and equitable agreement for our time.  We simply ask for help when we spend an extensive amount of time researching.

Then let us know the form of appraisal you desire.  We can make spreadsheets, work informally, or make certificates to share with loved ones.

We look forward to working with you in the future and please fill out this form on the Contact Page to start the process! Click Here: Toy Appraisals and Contacting Antique Toys. or email us at Toys(at symbol) .


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P.S. to get things started, we offer FREE appraisals to get to know each other.  Please inquire for more details at Toys (at symbol)

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Old Toy Appraisals!

We “Want You!” & your toys for toy appraisals and help! We help with Old Toy Appraisals and collections. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find out you have a valuable old toy like the Antiques Roadshow?