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The Steve McQueen Collection-Throwback Post to 1997-

Movie star / Race Car Driver – “Put Steve McQueen behind the wheel of anything and you’ve got a movie,” one Car Place reader wrote in voting Bullitt the best car movie ever made. By a sizable margin, Car Place readers selected Bullitt as the best car movie. In this famous movie, detective Frank Bullitt…

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Hubley Chrysler Airflow Sedan with lights Review

Hubley Chrysler Airflow Sedan with lights Review As a long time cast iron toy enthusiast and research, I’ve waited for the day to see a Chrysler Airflow sedan in person.  Earlier I had a fleeting glance of a gray one, but never did I actually hold one. Well through a kind gentleman and referral, I…

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Dent Cast Iron Cars and Trucks

Through good fortinue as of late, we have been able to enjoy toys made by the American cast iron company Dent.  Dent’s history is one of preciseness, success,  and then an end to the toy production. Dent Hardware Co. Fullerton, Pennsylvania 1895-1937 ( continued to manufacture cold storage hardware until 1937). Founder: Henry H. Dent, with…

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Old Firetruck toys and a quick Video Review

Old Firetruck toys and a quick Video Review Greetings from Ed over at .  Today is a quick cast iron fire truck review with two Hubley toys for comparison. We also have a great 80’s Ertl fire truck bank from the 1920’s (style). You can see the Hubley Diamond T style grill and the…

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Estate Toys For Sale and Liquidation

Estate Toys for Sale– Visit and Referrals This week has been a great one for reaching out and seeing toy collections. Monday entailed a visit to a bank collector.  On Wednesday I had the privilege and yet somber task of seeing a large toy collection and assisting the estate. We ended up going to the…

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Cast Iron Still Bank Collection

Cast Iron Still Bank Collection   This selection is humble, but the quality is there.  Here are some pictures to share of an early cast iron still bank collection. Pictured are still banks by Kyser and Rex, the Animal Bank and Yong America, along side a Victorian Bank and Teller Bank.  Kyser and Rex toys…

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