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General Collecting

Les Jouets C.R. book and Historic Millitary Tank-Truck

We note that the latest toy trends in America are far away from he distant shores of France.  Our U.S. buyers seems to be wrapped up in Pennsylvania Steel as well as American metal toy builds. In this atmosphere of Amercian toys, ‘Merica!’, we have an interesting find that is far off the radar.  We…

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Cast Iron Tow Trucks and Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  The toys are smiling back at you this tough 2020, and we love our cast iron tow trucks.   Off to the far left we can see the giant Arcade Mack truck with steel wheels.  As we go one right, we see another Arcade, a Red Baby Tow in…

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Smith Miller Gulf L-Mack Private Label Tandem

Smith Miller Gasoline Tandem Truck

Smith Miller Gulf L-Mack Private Label Tandem Our Smith Miller represents an area we didn’t know well– private labels by the 1950’s maker.  We have a private label Gulf tandem truck to show from the original family. We expect there to be other labels out there and would like to reach out to our readers…

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Space Toys, Robots, and Rocket Collecting. Buying Robots and Space toys

Space Toys and Robot Toy History Toy styles mimic history and define generations.  Trains dominated the 1890’s, as railroads connected worldwide citizens.  Lighter than air travel enthralled the public and kids in the early 1900’s; toys copied life.  Cars defined the early 20th century.  War toys dominated minds in the 30’s and 40s; manufacturers marched…

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Video Game Cartridges Wanted, Bought, Sold & BLASPHOMY!

For the Antique Toys crowd I will speak BLASPHOMY– Video Game cartridges will become “the next thing” in antique toys.  We need to simply sprinkle in some dust and time. Yes, the tangible world of toys– the world of steel, tin, springs, wood, lead paint, dust, grease, and rubber– will be evolving in the near future…

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Yankee Toys Battelship Oregon Found

Long lost toys and forgotten toy companies excite us.  We love learning.  Rarely do we find toys that haven’t been mentioned before in our catalogs; or books; or auction records.  Seldomly do we unearth companies based in the US with a substantial toy lineup.   Here we found a grand slam– we found an electric…

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What’s my Toy Worth?

What is  my toy worth?  Well there really won’t be a perfect answer.  There will be a range of toy values thanks to the unique hand crafted nature of Antique Toys and vintage toys. We can help you with toy value ranges and determine what your toy is worth.   Please start by emailing us…

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Animate Toys of NY- Tank Found

Have you heard of Animate Toys of New York?  We had not, but were lucky enough to get a tank and box come our way.  A collector shared with us a boxed example and we would like to share back. “Treat ‘Em Rough” that’s what they did to the Germans. is the headline…. 31 East…

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Tin Santa Toy, Early Crank Find

Our very early Santa toy find is a deep curiosity.  We need your help! The toy has English writing on it, but seems to have German Santa toy traits.  From what we can barely discern, it was marked on the square base “World Wide Delivery”.   The owner was a World War II vet and…

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