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Alpha Romeo Tin Toy by CIJ Wanted

Alpha Romeo Tin Toy by CIJ Wanted Let us know if you have one of these Alpha Romeo toy cars for sale please.  We have a client looking for this tin windup car made in the 1930s with extreme detail. Most of these Alpha Romeo toys were made in France by CIJ. Thanks in advance…

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Lionel Electric Train Boxed Set and Collecting Trains

Lionel Electric Train Boxed Outfit No 181.  Engine 262. Set and Collecting Trains We were blessed to get a call from out West this last month.  A family’s “kid” from the 1930s received a Lionel Train set and decided he didn’t like it.  Really?!?.  Wow. Outfit No 181.  Engine 262. “O” Gauge Track 1 3/8″…

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Felix the Cat Toys and Tin Felix Wanted

Felix the Cat Toys Wanted and Bought Felix toys get our attention despite them being outdated, old, and “history” for most collectors.  Yet we like Felix ourselves and feel that the character’s design and Felix toys transcend trends and become timeless. Felix The Cat History Felix tin toys have been popular for us and we…

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Metal House Robot Toys

It has only taken us about 70 years, but we did get a bit of insight on Metal House Toys.  This has been a brand of Japanese toys as of late, but a brand that “in theory” was newer.  Reality check- Metal House toys has been a subcontractor for decades. Metal House was founded in…

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Eustis Toy show 2021

Well in spite of all that is going on, the Florida Toy Show was a sell out and a success this 2021.  The event was open air with appropriate spacing, safeguards, and amazing toys. Below we have some toy photos to share and quick details.  You will likely see a favorite toy hidden among all…

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Les Jouets C.R. book and Historic Millitary Tank-Truck

We note that the latest toy trends in America are far away from he distant shores of France.  Our U.S. buyers seems to be wrapped up in Pennsylvania Steel as well as American metal toy builds. In this atmosphere of Amercian toys, ‘Merica!’, we have an interesting find that is far off the radar.  We…

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