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Les Jouets C.R. book and Historic Millitary Tank-Truck

We note that the latest toy trends in America are far away from he distant shores of France.  Our U.S. buyers seems to be wrapped up in Pennsylvania Steel as well as American metal toy builds. In this atmosphere of Amercian toys, ‘Merica!’, we have an interesting find that is far off the radar.  We…

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Cast Iron Tow Trucks and Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  The toys are smiling back at you this tough 2020, and we love our cast iron tow trucks.   Off to the far left we can see the giant Arcade Mack truck with steel wheels.  As we go one right, we see another Arcade, a Red Baby Tow in…

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Smith Miller Gulf L-Mack Private Label Tandem

Smith Miller Gasoline Tandem Truck

Smith Miller Gulf L-Mack Private Label Tandem Our Smith Miller represents an area we didn’t know well– private labels by the 1950’s maker.  We have a private label Gulf tandem truck to show from the original family. We expect there to be other labels out there and would like to reach out to our readers…

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December Florida Toy Show 2020!

We are excited to support an open air toy show in Florida this November!  the Toy, Train, and Doll event will be held in an open air warehouse and on the adjoining outdoor grounds.  The event will follow all Covid regulations. Taglines include “Having Fun” and it will be a mix of dealers.  Our experience…

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Atom Jet Tin Race Car by Yonezawa Japan

We get to share some great photos of a challenging to find Japanese tin toy– The Atom Jet tin race car.   Swooping lines on this toy had to be pressed in an incredibly challenging process where the tin was stretched in many directions.  Don’t forget the size– around 25″ in length!  Add to the…

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Space Toys, Robots, and Rocket Collecting. Buying Robots and Space toys

Space Toys and Robot Toy History Toy styles mimic history and define generations.  Trains dominated the 1890’s, as railroads connected worldwide citizens.  Lighter than air travel enthralled the public and kids in the early 1900’s; toys copied life.  Cars defined the early 20th century.  War toys dominated minds in the 30’s and 40s; manufacturers marched…

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Berry Skelly Passes Away

With a heavy heart, I have to report a friend, and titanic character in toy trading has passed.  Berry Skelly has passed away due to COVID.   He was a friend, a fellow exhibitor in Allentown, the promotor and owner of the York Toy show.  We miss  you Berry!   Ed

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Hubley Transitional Hook and Ladder and Fire Engine Wanted

  We are looking for Hubley “Transitional” Fire Ladders and Fire Engines for our collection.  We would love to find original Hubley toys like the ones pictured below.   Thanks in advance for any help and networking! Ed P.S. Below is a transitional fire truck with ladder variation.  Note that it is Hubley and has…

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Buddy L Huckster Wanted

Wanted: Strong prices paid for Buddy L Fliver Huckster.  My friend would like an original toy in extra clean condition. Big bonuses for a box. -Small dump truck and the model T Coupe are backup wants. Also International Harvester Red Baby Buddy L wanted. 🙂 

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