Marx Tin Toys

Marx Tin toys

Marx tin toys are often Lithographed tin wind-ups and often character toys.  They did make steel toys, but are best known for beautiful tin lithography and popping art designs.  1950’s production on relied more on plastic.

Marx Toys successfully revived the Yo-Yo in 1928; it sold well even through the Depression. The company, known as Louis Marx & Company, was based in New York, New York.

Marx was one of the big four among American electric train manufacturers.

1919 – 1979

Marx Tin Toy Construction & History

Marx Tin toys are often glossy and work very well, even being called robust.  They tend to rely on windup mechanisms for the tin toys that were used over and over.  Marx chose to reuse items and often kept the same parts & just re-lithographed the tin into differing characters.

Marx worked for Strauss toys and then decided to strike out on his own.  Marx toys dominated the world from the 1920’s through the 1950’s and 60’s.

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