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Plastic & Celluloid

Plastic, Vinyl & Celluloid toys for sale. This category will be dominated by the world of plastic toys, a toy predominately made using polymers or plastics that were injected into tooling dies. Plastic toys tend to be quite light and allow manufacturers to cut shipping costs. Early plastic toys tended to be brittle and be sensitive to light degradation. Celluloid toys have a similar look, but were made of pre-plastic material called Celluloid, with a cellulose composition. Vinyl toys are often made like a plastic toy, but have an elastomer to make the extra flexible and bouncy (technically a plastic and form of PVC).Fun plastic toy fact- Phthalates can be found in soft pliable plastic toys including teething rings, dolls, and nap mats. This class of chemicals improves the flexibility of plastics, and is used most commonly in PVC.

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