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Tom Sehloff Cast Iron Cars and Toys

We recently experienced a renaissance for cast iron toys, and you may not recognize it. The early Pratt & Letchworth and Ives production ceased over 100 years ago.  Hubley and Arcade cast iron production ended around 80 years ago.    Afterwards, we had another all American and prestigious maker to be aware of — Sehloff…

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Franklin Mint and Danbury Mint Toys, trends, and thoughts

-Sitting amid a new collection of Smith Miller, Japanese autos; and, gak, Danbury Mint and Franklin Mint toys the proverbial light goes on.  These toys/Collectibles just aren’t that bad at all.  Dare I say they are the evolution of highly detailed toys from the 1950’s like the Japanese tin cars and trucks. We have a parallel…

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Dent Cast Iron Cars and Trucks

Through good fortune as of late, we have been able to enjoy toys made by the American cast iron company Dent.  Dent’s history is one of preciseness, success,  and then an end to the toy production. Dent Hardware Co. Fullerton, Pennsylvania 1895-1937 ( continued to manufacture cold storage hardware until 1937). Founder: Henry H. Dent, with…

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Hubley Cast Iron Toys

The Hubley Manufacturing Company was first incorporated in 1894 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania by John Hubley. The first Hubley toys appeared in 1909 and were made of cast-iron, with themes that ranged from horse-drawn vehicles and different breeds of dogs, to tractors, steam shovels, horses, banks, and guns. Hubley’s main competition in the early years was Arcade as well as a bit from A.C. Williams.

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Old Toy Friends and Networking

In the age of Tweets, Likes, captures, snaps, et. al. it is so great to meet collectors in person.  Visits like the one I enjoyed last week make me want to drop the computer in the trash & network with only an old phone, two hands, two eyes, and two feet. This Sunday a vintage car collector invited me…

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Arcade Taxi Review – A Savannah, GA Find

Peering into the flat matt of dust, smoke residue, and pet hair; I started to recognize the outline of a vintage Arcade toy. Looking closer, the store owner’s find began to take shape as a Number 2 size Yellow Cab from the early 1900’s.

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